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Internet Blackjack


Objective of the game Players have to get more points than the Bank. If a player gets more than 21 points, he looses. Blackjack is the best hand and consists of an Ace (which in this case is worth 11 points) and a 10.

The cards .2 – 10 : Normal points
.Jack, Queen, King : 10 points
.Ace : 1 or 11 points

It is possible to play Blackjack with more than one deck.

The game After everyone has put their bets on the table, each player is given two cards by the Bank. The cards are dealt clockwise. Depending on the rules of the Bank, either both cards are given face down, or one face down and the other face up. The Bank itself also receives two cards: one face down and one face up.
If the gambler is satisfied with his combination of cards, he will stand. In case he wants to go for 21 points (or closer to 21), he will ask for a ‘Hit’. If he ends up with more than 21 points, he looses the game and his money.
The dealer plays last (‘Dealer’s Play’). He will do so until he has at least 17 points. The dealer’s last hand decides over the outcome of the game.

Split Anyone that has two cards with the same number, may decide to split his hand. In that way a player can put money on both hands and play them separately (from right to left). The same amount that was put in at the beginning of the game, will put on the second hand.

Double Down The initial bet can be doubled after the first two cards have been looked at. After the ‘Double Down’ a player can only receive one extra card.

Push When the dealer and the player have the same score (Push), nobody wins and nobody looses.

Insurance Bet If the open card of the dealer is an Ace, players can decide to place an ‘Insurance Bet’, worth half of the initial bet. If the other card of the dealer turns out to be a 10, this means Blackjack. Players will be paid 2:1.

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