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Internet Craps


At the table where Craps players role the dice, a large crowd is usually to be found. The rules of Craps are simple and, above that, it is always exciting to try your luck at this game.

Entourage Not only the players and viewers are present at the Craps table. Also, there is the ‘Boxman’, who supervises the game and keeps an eye on where the money comes from and where the money goes. The ‘Stickman’ stands in front of the Boxman and calls out the number of the dice after every throw. He uses his stick to shove the dice to the player that has the next turn. Finally, there are two dealers, who both stand next to the Boxman.

Objective of the game Before Craps starts, players put their bets on the table, either on the ‘Pass Line’ or on the ‘Don’t Pass Line’. When 7 or 11 is thrown, gamblers who put their money on the Pass Line win. The Pass Line is also called the ‘Front Line’.
The Pass Line gamblers ‘crap out’ (loose) when a 2,3 or 12 is thrown.
In the ‘Come out’, the first time someone throws the dice, in a way a decision is made about what comes after. For example, if a player throws 6, then he will have to go on playing until he throws that same number 6 again. A 7 also ends his turn.

The gambling There are several betting opportunities. In the next outline ‘Betting with the Shooter’ means that the gambler wins, whenever the Shooter wins. If you bet ‘Against the Shooter’, you win if the Shooter looses.

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