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Internet Keno


Keno might remind you or the traditional lottery games of your childhood. The Chinese invented the game about 2,000 years ago. Chinese migrants took it to America in the nineteenth century.
Although Keno is a rather simple game, it gives you the chance to win huge amounts of money. Nowadays online games often replace the ‘old-fashioned’ version of Keno.

Objective of the game The player has to predict which numbers will be drawn at the Keno lottery.

The game The Keno board consists of eighty numbers. The gambler has to choose anywhere between one and ten of these numbers. Online Keno sites often offer the possibility to make the Bank pick ten numbers automatically. Every game twenty numbers are drawn. The number of hits and the height of the bet are not the only factors that decide over how much a player will be paid. It also depends on how many numbers were selected.

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