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Internet Roulette

Nobody really knows where Roulette comes from. Some say a similar game used to be played in the Kaukasus, ages ago. Others think the origins of this ‘gambling wheel’ might be found in ancient China. Whatever the truth might be, these days there is not a single casino in the world that doesn’t have a Roulette table.

Objective of the game Players have to predict which pocket will receive the little ball that is thrown into the Roulette wheel.

The wheel On the Roulette wheel pairs of even numbers alternate with pairs of odd numbers. Black and red pockets are placed next to each other: black-red-black-red. Also, two green pockets decorate the wheel, 0 and 00, placed opposite from each other.

There is a total of 38 numbers to be gambled on: 0 and 00, and the numbers 1 up to and including 36.

The game Betting is what takes most time at Roulette. Gamblers can put their counters on the table in many different ways. How often one wants to play and for how much money… anything is possible. The Roulette table consists of three columns that hold the numbers 1 up to and including 36. Every column has twelve numbers, arranged by order. A player can put his money on one of these columns by placing the counter on the spot designed for it. If any number of his column should fall, he will get paid 2:1. Another way to double your money is to bet on ‘First Dozen’, ‘Second Dozen’ or ‘Third Dozen’, i.e. 1 – 12, 13 – 24 or 25 – 36. Less chance to win huge amounts, but more chance to have a little luck, is offered by the next bets:

.Low numbers (1 – 18)
.High numbers (19 – 36)
.Even numbers
.Odd numbers
.Red numbers
.Black numbers

These so called ‘Outside Bets’ are paid 1:1.
Gamblers that aim for the real money are more likely to search for less ‘obvious’ bets. They might try betting on a block, for example, the six line block, which holds six numbers and pays 5:1. Other options are: Five Bet (0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, 6:1), Corner block (four numbers, 4:1) and Street (three numbers, 8:1). The next bets offer the biggest chance to loose your money, but at the same time the biggest chance to end up with the best winning:

.Split : The counter is placed on two numbers (17:1)
.Straight up : The counter is placed on one single number (35:1)
.0 or 00 Bet : The counter is placed on 0 or 00 (35:1)

Once the croupier has said the famous words ‘Rien va plus’, no more bets can be placed on the table and the ball will be thrown into the wheel.

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