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Seven Card Stud Poker

In many casinos Seven Card Stud Poker is being played nearly as much as Texas Hold ‘em Poker. A maximum of eight players can participate in this game. Seven Card Stud Poker owes its name to the simple fact that each player gets seven cards to play with.

Objective of the game Players have to make the best combination of five cards out of their total hand of seven cards.

The cards The game is played with one deck of cards

The game The players of Seven Card Stud Poker put their first bet (‘Ante’) on the table before the game starts.
Two cards face down and one card face up are dealt by the Bank. Afterwards players are expected to raise their initial bet. The person with the lowest card (face up) has to put in at least half of the established Low Limit. This ‘gambling transaction’ is called ‘Bring in’. In case more players have the same lowest card, this means bad luck for the one sitting furthest away from the dealer on the left side. He will have to pay the Bring in. Usually a minimum and maximum bet are established before the game begins. Like in Texas Hold ‘em Poker every player can decide to ‘Fold’, ‘Call’ or ‘Raise’.
The fourth card is handed out face down. At this stage of the game the player with the highest score (face up) has to put his bet first. If there are more players with the same score, the one on the left hand side of the dealer will start betting (or not). Just like everybody else, he can choose to ‘Fold’, ‘Check’ or ‘Bet’.
The fifth card is being given face up again. From now on players have to comply with the High Limit. Another betting opportunity is offered after the sixth card (face up). The dealer hands out the last card, the seventh, face down. And then, it is time for the Show Down. Every gambler that is still in the race and that has enough faith in his final combination of five cards, shows his hand to the other players and the Bank. Anyone who feels he will definitely loose, will put his cards on the Muck without showing them.

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