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Texas Holdem Poker

Objective of the game The objective of Texas Hold ‘em Poker is to achieve the best possible combination of cards.

The cards The game is played with one deck of cards

The game Before starting Texas Hold ‘em Poker, the players put their bets on the table. The betting part of the game is a bit more complicated than betting at traditional poker. In the casino, gamblers talk about ‘Posting the blinds’ when they refer to betting at Texas Hold ‘em Poker. This expression has to do with the position that players can obtain with respect to the dealer. It can be convenient to be further away from the dealer, so you can find out what bets others place, before putting your own.
The first two cards that the player receives are called ‘Hole Cards’. Once the player has looked at these cards, they will be placed on the table, closed. As far as betting concerns, there are always three possibilities. First, a player can choose to bet the same amount as others have put in (Call). If one choose to Raise, he has to put in some extra money. In some casinos the Bank establishes a Pot Limit. A second Raise is called a ReRaise. If the player neither chooses to Call, nor to Raise, he will Fold. He will decide to do so when he thinks he will loose with the cards that were handed to him. The cards will be given back to the dealer and the gambler will loose his bet.

After the first two Hole Cards, the player will be handed three more cards. The dealer will put these cards in front of every player (Flop). Now the players will decide whether they want to put in more money. After having received the Flop, it is also possible to choose for ‘Check’. This means maintaining your initial bet without putting more money on top of it.
When the Bank has given the fourth card (Turn Card) to the gamblers (open), there is another opportunity to bet. The fifth card (River Card), which is also received open, will decide who wins and who looses the game. A final bet can be placed on this card. In the ‘Show Down’ every player will show his cards, including the Hold Cards. If there are more winners, they have to share the pot.

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